What are the benefits of wall mirrors, floor mirrors and table mirrors for my home?

For decoration - reflect great window views - make small rooms look bigger

Wall mirrors - modern, decorative, contemporary, classical, panelled, white painted, bevelled or plain in silver, black, bronze, gold, pine, mahogany, leather, suede and more. We have mirrors to suit every taste from GalleryDirect and Yearn Glass.

Large, small, round, square, oval, bevelled, plain, coloured glass, smoked glass - hundreds of sizes, shapes and designs, products of the highest quality to suit your home decor.

Dressing, floor mirrors, standing mirrors, swing mirrors, chevals, overmantles, panel mirrors, leaners and much more ...

We also have a selection of mirrors matched to superb ranges of furniture - rattan, painted wood, French style period furniture, oak  - includes wall mirrors, dressing table mirrors for bedrooms, living rooms - anywhere in your house:

Luv-It French antique style white painted mirrors  

What is a bevelled mirror?

This is a 3/4 inch (approx) wide edge where the mirror is slightly angled. Plain mirrors typically have a polished edge instead of bevelled.

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