Creating Art on Perspex

Putting it in a nutshell‚ Perspex art is Cool

As the innovators of Perspex art to the high tech plasma TV and LCD generation over 5 years, we have seen a dramatic increase in this type of art. Perspex art is now at the forefront of home art design and we are leading the way in quality and design.

What is Perspex art?

We take a high grade piece of Perspex (not acrylic) and reverse mount our patented photographic prints. We laser cut neat holes into each corner, flame polish the sides and add stainless steel fittings to hang on your wall.

The effect

The 10mm thick Perspex enhances the colours, definition and gives the whole piece a luxurious feel. The stylish fittings enable the artwork to stand proud from the wall and light to interact with the space around. The overall effect is modern, sleek and simply stunning!

Our Images

We have sourced some of the best photographers and designers in the UK. We offer a free design service where we can change colours to suit you or create something entirely new. If you are looking for the latest in art styling then Perspex art is for you.

Choose from our huge gallery of images here.

Perspex Art – Acrylic Prints

Perspex art or an acrylic print is a stunning way to display any digital image from your photos to artwork from our huge gallery. The idea is to reverse mount the image onto the reverse of the acrylic and hang the acrylic so that it stands proud from the wall. The overall effect is an enhanced contemporary piece of art that can be used in any area in your home.

Perspex is the leading brand name for acrylic which is a clear material similar to glass but poured and with more vibrancy than conventional glass. It is an ideal medium for bonding prints to and can be polished with ease.

What is the thickness?

Like our canvases, we like chunky art, which is why we only print onto 10mm thick acrylic. The benefit of using a 10mm piece of acrylic instead of 5mm or 8mm is that you get more depth and a prism type effect from the side of the acrylic. 5mm and 10mm acrylic may also wabble on the wall.


How is it printed?

We use the bonding method.

a) Bonding – The image is printed at very high resolution onto photographic quality special clear vinyl in reverse. This is then sealed to the reverse of the acrylic. We then add a bright white vinyl behind the clear. The entire acrylic panel is then put through a heat press to ensure the vinyl cannot be removed. This method is more photographic and has solid vibrant colours like a photographic print>

b) Direct Print – This method is quite new and involves lying the acrylic flat on a printer. The printer head then runs over the acrylic and “paints” the image. These printers do not print white so any areas that are white will be see through. Images will be translucent and you will be able to see the wall through the acrylic. We prefer not to use this method and will not be offered this as standard.

Can the acrylic be used outside?

Our bonded acrylic can be used in any living areas of the home, kitchens, bathrooms and even outside. Because we print on a vinyl image with solvent-based inks, you will have no problems.

How do you fit the acrylic / Perspex art?

It is very easy to fit the acrylic. We provide you with four standoff fittings. These come in two parts. The large part of the barrel has a hole running all the way through it and the screw goes through this into the wall (plaster board or brick). The Perspex is then held and the smaller part of the fitting screws through the acrylic and into the large barrel. The end result is that the screws are hidden and the acrylic standoffs approx 1 inch from the wall.

What can I print onto acrylic / Perspex?

We can print almost anything onto acrylic. You can send in your photos, drawings, or simply ideas. We offer a free design service that means you can ask for absolutely anything. If we can do it for you we will.

Can I see how my photo will look before buying?

We do have two methods for you to see how your artwork will look. Firstly we can superimpose your images onto our acrylic model, which is quite lifelike. Secondly we can superimpose any of our products and designs onto photos of your space. This service is free and there is no obligation to purchase.

How is your perspex different?

Just as there are lots of different types of canvas prints there are also different types of acrylic. We use Perspex, which is the leading brand. We also use “cast” Perspex that is a superior grade. Our Perspex is “Ultra Clear” which means that it has more shine and enhances the images more than usual.

Can you print with extruded acrylic?

We can but we won't. Extruded acrylic is not stable and is prone to warping over a period of time. Extruded acrylic is stretched to form the desired shape where as cast acrylic is poured for a more solid structure.

Choose from our huge gallery of images here.

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