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canvas 1011 Lily lotus

Lily lotus

1011 -  Lily lotus This unusual boarded art work measures 120 x 40cm. It has...

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canvas 1012 Turbulent Poppy

Turbulent Poppy

1012 - Turbulent poppy 100cm x 100cm. Heavily texturised canvas with golden...

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canvas 1013 Modern art poppies

Modern art poppies

1013 - Modern art poppies 100cm x 100cm square is shown in the picture. This...

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canvas 1014 Passion 1

Passion 1

1014 - Passion 1 80cm x 80cm square. It is on a rippled/ unusual canvas print,...

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canvas 1015 Passion 2

Passion 2

1015 - Passion 2  80cm x 80cm square. It is on a rippled/ unusual canvas print....

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Canvas 1016 Red roses in gold

Red roses in gold

1016 - Red roses in gold 150cm x 50cm. A dramatic canvas on a stunning gold...

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canvas 1017 Wrapped in satin

Wrapped in satin

1017 - Wrapped in satin Available in 150cm x 50cm and 120cm x 40cm. A heavily...

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canvas 1018 Seductive Lady

Seductive Lady

1018 - Seductive lady Available in two sizes they are 150cm x 50cm and 120cm x...

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canvas 1019 Horizon 1

Horizon 1

1019 - Horizon 1 60cm x 60cm. A must canvas for any contemporary minimalist...

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canvas 1020 Horizon 2

Horizon 2

1020 - Horizon 2  160cm x 40cm. With its golden tones it enhances a modern...

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